Membership Benefits

Group Membership Benefits:

一、International Talent Cultivation Program



      1. Consultation on setting up a company in the United States

      2. Consultation on bank account opening (Bank of America, EastWest Bank)

      3. Consultation on US tax laws

      4. Consultation on US industries



Application Form Download

  1. Please download the application form and fill it out. Email the completed form along with a digital copy of the certificate to the association mailbox:; our associates will be in touch.
  2. After filling out the membership application and passing the review process, the association will notify you and then you can proceed with the payment.
  3. Payment method: TeaLa's Financial Account /Account:First Commercial Bank (Cheng-Tung Branch) (Bank Code: 007) Account Number: 14410520323戶名:台灣新東向全球產學研聯盟協進會,
    After completing the payment, please transmit the remittance slip or the last five digits of the transaction code for reconciliation.
  4. If there are other questions or inquiries, please contact us through our mailbox, thank you.

Individual Membership Application Form

Corporate Membership Application Form